Trailers Without Pity Episode Guide

30 Dec

Trailers Without Pity was a web video show written, voiced and edited by brothers Omar and Pablo Gallaga. It ran on NBC Universal/Bravo-owned from October 2008 through 2012 for four runs of shows. Episodes typically ran 4-5 minutes long and featured the “Super Gallaga Bros.” in animated form talking about movie trailers, intercut with stills from the film (often with word balloons or captions) and stock photos.

After several versions of a test episode called Trailers Trashed (“Season Zero”) for the movie Hancock were made in the Summer of 2008, the eventual format, which is more of a visual recap of a trailer rather than a re-enactment/puppet show, was settled upon and continued to be the template for the series. It was heavily influenced by the format of Daniel “djb” Blau’s The Week Without Pity videos.

For the purposes of this episode guide, all links from the movie titles go to the original entries where they appeared on Terribly Happy/Bloggystyle. There, the context and back story of each videos is often explained. Due to issues with outdated video embed codes, TWOP links are also provided as direct links to where each video can still be viewed. If you’re trying to view the videos on an iOS device, you’re better off downloading the official iOS TWOP app, where the videos can be viewed on an iPhone/iPad, etc.


Season Zero

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Season One

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Season Two

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Season Three

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Season Four

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