Trailers Without Pity: The Expendables

14 Jul

This one had been on our list of movies to do for a while. The mix of over-the-hill action stars, ridiculous title and even more ridiculous trailer beckoned like a lit, beckoning thing over on the horizon of a hill or something.

The Expendables looks like it might be just enough fun to watch on video, but not quite enough fun to make much money in theaters. I mean, look at The A-Team. That faded quickly and looked way more interesting.

Anyhoo, here’s our Trailers Without Pity for The Expendables. Ka-blooey!

We’re not sure what movie we’re doing next yet, but that new Machete trailer is looking ripe for the pickin’.

The embed code seems to be working again, but it’s a little flaky. If the video doesn’t load, try reloading or following the direct link to TWOP.