Trailers Without Pity: Sucker Punch

21 Feb

Not much to say about this one except that I assumed, like I sometimes do, that something that looks so dumb and ripe for parody would be easy to make fun of. Then I started scripting and realized that the trailer was already so ridiculous on its face (and its fishnet-clad legs, especially) that there wasn’t much more to do than recount the silliness.

Not to say it might not be a good movie, but… OK, let’s not kid ourselves. This probably won’t be a good movie. But it might be interesting to look at, like a mysterious orange puddle in the street or a car accident where you aren’t personally involved. Let’s hope!

So, here’s our Trailers Without Pity for Sucker Punch.

Next we’re tentatively doing Scream 4.

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