Trailers Without Pity: Cowboys and Aliens

15 Jun

So… cowboys. They are dusty! And aliens. They are often shiny or slick with grossness! Put them together and you have… this movie thing.

Despite the potential of this concept, I wasn’t too thrilled about the initial trailer that ran during the Super Bowl; it feels way too on the nose and like a grim, money-extracting mechanism you install in a movie theater, not unlike an obligatory system software update.

The trailer we ended up looking at for our latest Trailers Without Pity video is a little more lively, but that’s like saying an old, sedentary man barely clinging to life is more sprightly than most zombies. It’s not exactly a useful comparison.

In any case, here’s our video for the Jon Favreau-directed Old West alien invasion movie Cowboys & Aliens.

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