Trailers Without Pity: Tron Legacy

19 Oct

Our penultimate Trailers Without Pity for the year is for Tron Legacy, a sequel to Tron that brings back Jeff Bridges and, you know, light cycles and discs of Tron and stuff.

Sometimes, lost as I am in an adult world of mortgage payments and shitty diapers, I forget that once upon a time I was quite the nerd and my classmates didn’t let me forget it. It’s nice to know I can always dip into my nerd hurt reserves when the need strikes. This was one of those times.

As for my use of the word “Penultimate” above, here’s the deal: we decided in the spring that when our two years of doing videos for TWOP was up (and when the latest run of our contract expired) in late October, we’d stop doing Trailers Without Pity. We asked for a raise and didn’t receive it, which we kind of expected, but we were starting to feel things had run their course anyway and that we should wind it down.

We held off on a final decision all summer and, weirdly, the videos kept being fun to do and seemed easier to put together the longer we kept doing them. So we decided to keep the door open and it looks like what will happen is this: we’re going to take a long break after the next video (for Black Swan), and then return in January with new videos.

The show would be broken into smaller seasons (maybe 10-12 episodes per run) and between those seasons we’d take a few months off. What’s really been killing us isn’t producing videos every two weeks, it’s doing that indefinitely without breaks or vacations. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m excited to have a break for us to catch our breath and to come back fresh in the ’11.

So, enjoy this one and we’ll see you for one more in another two weeks.

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