Trailers Without Pity: The Amazing Spider-Man

11 Apr

Something about rebooting a movie franchise (unless you are Christopher Nolan and have the talent to back it up) seems unseemly, like you’re trying to fool someone, or everyone, into thinking that a previous set of movies either didn’t happen or that the world collectively already forgot about it.

Which is what seems so weird about The Amazing Spider-Man, the Spidey reboot that we just did a video for on Trailers Without Pity.

Did Tobey Maguire not just do that?  Recently?  Is time passing so quickly that I don’t remember seeing that last movie just as my daughter was incubating in my wife’s belly (she had to keep leaving the IMAX theater as the kid started kicking and thrashing inside from all the noise).  That was only… what… four years ago?  A little more?

Well it matters not because Andrew Garfield is coming in and, hey, I kinda like the guy.  It might not be so bad.  It’s not gonna be Dark Knight (which will be our next video and our last for this season of videos), but it might still be fun.  Who knows.  Shoot some webs.  Swing and whatnot.  I don’t care, Spider.  Do your thing.  Maybe we’ll see each other this summer.  The video is below. Enjoy!


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