Trailers Without Pity: The Dictator

29 Mar

Is it over for Sacha Baron Cohen or can he knock out a stellar comedy and avoid the law of diminishing returns on his outrageous characters?

That’s the question we’re asking in our latest Trailers Without Pity video, on The Dictator, his upcoming comedy, which seems to be more straightforward and less pranky than Borat and BrĂ¼no.

We have two more videos to go in the season after this one before we take a summer break.

In other programming notes, I haven’t updated the site much due to South by Southwest earlier in March. I had been planning a big wrap-up blog post detailing it all and linking to everything I wrote during the fest but even that task has seemed so daunting that I’ve honestly just been avoiding it. That post will come in some form, but I’m so tired of talking about SXSW that I’ve been taking any opportunity to avoid it for the last two weeks. I’d love for everything to go back to normal and not feel like I owe any more wordage, but I also don’t want to just skip it and leave all those links uncollected, especially the weekly columns that are still going without any mention of them here. Maybe in a day or two when the weekend gets here. How hard have I been working to avoid it? I’ve been writing on a different project nearly every night, I read an entire book (The Hunger Games) and have done literally hundreds of drawings in Draw Something instead of doing that blog post. I work very hard to avoid work sometimes.

Thanks for watching the video. We’ve still got Spider-Man and Dark Knight coming up.

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