Trailers Without Pity: War Horse

14 Dec

Sure, this movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, is being released on Christmas day and has a tie to an acclaimed Broadway production, but my number one criteria for us doing a video for War Horse was simply, “We will get to make lots and lots and lots of horse jokes.”

And so we did. At the very least, I knew there’d be an endless supply of stock photos of horses to choose from. (There were.)

As to what the movie will actually be like, I thought for sure this was going to be amazing, but the closer it gets to the release date, the move I’m convinced it’s going to be a manipulative weepie that perhaps I may not actually want to see in a theater.

The other notable thing about this video is that it contains one of maybe five of my favorite jokes of all the videos we’ve done. The visual just really cracks me up. It’s near the end of the video and involves the equine embodiment of pure evil. Nevermind that it’s a joke recycled from Twitter, I still laugh at it every time I see the photo Pablo put together.

Next up for us: the weirdly hypnotic trailer for Liam Neeson’s The Grey.

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