Trailers Without Pity: Prometheus

16 Mar

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A bit late to posting this given all the SXSW madness (which I’ll post about very soon when I’m caught up on rest), but we worked on this video early to get it out of the festival fray and it’s been a on the TWOP site for several days now.

I mean, what can you say? Prometheus is an Alien prequel from Ridley Scott with perhaps the most genuinely scary and disturbing trailer we’ve seen in a while from a guy who knows how to create amazing things on screen. Something would have to go very wrong for this one not to at least be intriguing and full of thrills and the only thing I think could take it down is if it takes itself far too seriously to really dig in to the primal fears that made Alien work so well. Again, judging from the trailer, I don’t think it’s going to go that way and I can’t wait to see it. Our Trailers Without Pity video for it I hope gives you a sense of our anticipation.

We’re hitting the end of our fourth season of these videos. We’ll be doing two more big summer movies and then taking a hiatus until the fall. Enjoy!

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