I salute sausage (salutes)

28 Oct

Wurstfest '07. Photo by me.

I’m lucky to have an editor who reads my stuff (even on Twitter) and recognizes that when year after year I proclaim how much I love something, at some point it’s probably a good idea to assign that to me as a story for the paper.

That’s how I ended up writing a piece about Wurstfest for Thursday’s Austin360 section of the paper as a cover story. By completely coincidence, the year I was assigned to write this story is the 50th year of the festival here in New Braunfels and they had a lot of special things planned for this year including a giant mural and a visit from a German dignitary.

The story was a lot of fun to write and you can tell where I was cutting loose a bit from the normal reporting/writing; as I was writing, I imagined the people I had interviewed from Wurstfest seeing the article later and crying, “What the crap is this!?” to the parts of the piece that were a little more personal.

Then I imagined them banning me from the festival, me screaming at the gates, and being forevermore labeled as a “Sausage Interloper.” That’s a real thing in Germany, right?

Seriously, I do hope that doesn’t happen because we plan to go at least 3 or 4 times starting Friday. Bonus: in the print version, my wife got a full photo credit for a picture she took of Lilly and me on the carousel.

Other stories I wrote for the Statesman this week: on Monday, I had a piece run about “Dream Closet,” an iPhone app that helps you organize your closet from Austin company Appiction. And on Thursday, we published a special 24-page pink section in support of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I did a short story about Komen Austin’s social media efforts.