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8 Nov

Vacation ended much too quickly, but I knew it would, so at least that wasn’t a surprise.

In between pediatrician visits and Halloween and the start of Wurstfest (oh, my favorite time of year), I cleared out all the clutter and junk on the floor of our home office, making it a sane, walkable place again. That alone was worth the price of burning up a week of vacation.

I bought a printer (and oh man does it work so much better than our last one; I think I’m swearing off HP printers forever), hired someone to fix a few behind-the-scenes WordPress issues I was having (the fonts are a little different, but now I can actually use apostrophes in the titles of blog posts; it was a weird issue that was driving me nuts. I can also now post here using the iPad/iPhone app, which was a problem before), did some Trailers Without Pity work, wrote the first significant chunk of a major writing project I’m really trying to devote more time to and just spent lots of time with the kids. I also did a solo day where I drove to Austin, worked out with a trainer, had a nice big salad for lunch then went and got a massage. That was my day of luxury and pampering. The rest of the vacation felt like errand, work and running things to Goodwill time.

It was a really, really good week. Now I’m back at work and all the things I’d put on pause in my head, all the emails I tried to ignore and Tweets I promised to follow up on are back on the front burner, but at least I have a little bit better attitude about it than when I left.

The Digital Savant column this week was a roundup of three tech product reviews I wrote, for the great Kinect game “Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster,” the MiCommand Control it All Remote for iOS and the ThinkGeek iCade Arcade Cabinet for the iPad.

While I was on vacation, I had a “Coffee With…” feature I did for our Thursday Life & Style section run about an online service for couples who are dealing with infidelity. It was not a lot of fun having a press folder with the words “AFFAIR RECOVERY” lying on my desk, but damned if I was going to bring it home viagra mg.

Now I’m working on some holiday gift guide stuff and a few other stories leading up to another vacation around Christmas. There are a few things on the horizon for next year that I’m excited about, but right now I’m just trying to keep up, not get sick and maintain my energy.

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