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The List ...


2001: Things to hate

The Taliban

All things Sept. 11

Windows XP (although in all fairness, I want it)

The economy


House closing costs


Geraldo Rivera in Afghanistan

Geraldo Rivera in general

Kid Rock

David Fucking Copperfield

That Tori Amos album where she covers "Enjoy the Silence"


Good. Lord.


The Majestic

Cedar Fever

All donuts not Krispy Kreme

People who want to insult you, but they pussyfoot around it

The word "pussyfoot"

Jimmy Fallon

That song that J.Lo and Ja Rule "sing"

Ben Affleck

The Anthrax

The Ass Cancer


Whitney Houston's withered, skeletal, bony, drug-riddled body




2001: Things to love

Firefighters and police officers


Baked ziti

Christopher Walken in the "Weapon of Choice" video

Your damn family

The spectacular implosion of Mariah Carey

Home Depot




Jamba Juice

Great movie. Great DVD

Wireless home networks


Citizen Kane on DVD


Bjork's swan dress

"Sky is falling" sex

The gajillion good video games out this year

David Letterman

The word "fantastico"

Wolfgang Puck

That feeling of being punched in the gut when you see a four-picture spread in Newsweek of the WTC towers collapsing, if only becaues it makes you feel unbearably human and fragile and for about 5 minutes makes you act decent, humble and glad to be alive.

Tuesday night television


Brooke Burke

aloe vera

George Clooney

The beginnings of moving forward again



As promised, here's the movie review I wrote for our paper this week. It's scary writing something like that because Austin is full of people who know way more about films that I do. And I haven't written a real movie review in about five years.

Have a great weekend.

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