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Not even a little bit funny...

This is the place where I was going to put a big disclaimer about how I don't want to offend you and how if you're sensitive about things like, say, cancer, not to continue reading, but you know what? It is what it is. Enjoy. Or don't.


Omar: I've been sick lately. I think I might have the ass cancer.

Anna Beth: Heh. That was funny.

Omar: It would almost be worth having it to be able to walk around saying you have ass cancer

Anna Beth: Oh, i disagree.

Omar: "What kind of cancer do you have? Brain, lung?" "Ass. I have ass cancer."

Anna Beth: HAAAH!

Omar: See?

Anna Beth: Now, if you got to say you had the ass GOUT... That might be worth it.

Omar: "I have the ass gout." Naw. Not as funny.

Anna Beth: "So what did the doctor say?" "Well, it's the gout. The ass gout." Yeah, you're right. not as funny.

Omar "I have cancer, Mom. Cancer of the ass. My ass has six months to live."

Anna Beth: When you have ass cancer, and you get ass chemotherapy, does your ass go bald?

Omar: God, I hope so.

Anna Beth: Do you get to wear an ass wig?

Omar: "We have a program in which hirsute people donate their ass hair to those who are in need."

Anna Beth: "Locks of Ass."

Yikes. I mean... YIKES!.

Omar: "It's called 'Asses for Caring' " or "The Assweave Foundation."

Anna Beth: "Because we care about ass hair... and you should, too. Please do not send in donations of ass hair that are less than six inches long. They will be discarded."

Omar: "Everyone, even cancer patients, have the right to have a hairy ass. We WILL fight this syndrome. Hairs shorter than six inches will be given to our pediatric ass cancer ward. Please give to the National Ass Baldness That Was Caused By Chemotherapy for Ass Cancer Institute."


Yep. Going straight to Hell, all right.

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