Two Spotify playlists: ‘MOVE, SUCKA!’ and ‘Good Stuff’

11 Apr

Today, Spotify rolled out a Play Button, which allows for embeddable songs, albums and playlists on blogs (like this one!). Back in the day, I used to do an annual CD for the site (the last one went out in 2007), and though I definitely don’t have the time for a project like that anymore, I do miss sharing music in an easy, fun way on the site.

So, here’s two playlists that I’ve been curating the last few months on Spotify, each with about 30 songs. The first is “MOVE, SUCKA!” which is just songs with a good beat that are appropriate for moving your ass around. The second is just random songs I like that I add to the playlist when I hear them. You can scroll down each of the playlists for more songs.

Enjoy! If you have your own playlists you’d like to share, please post a link to them in the comments. Spotify is free (it does have ads unless you upgrade to a premium account) and I really enjoy using it.

I’m also including an album I just started listening to from Wild Flag (featuring Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia and Sleater-Kinney fame) and a song from my favorite band of the moment, Wild Child.

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