Travel gadgets and iPad apps

9 Apr

Yay, after a very busy few weeks I’m finally caught up!

This week’s Digital Savant column, which ran in today’s American-Statesman, was a roundup of what some of the newer apps I’ve been using on the iPad are that best encapsulate where we are in the life of Apple’s two-year-old tablet. Slightly longer version ran as two blog entries last week.

On Sunday, a travel gadget guide ran in the paper. It covers a range of different things you’d want on a plane or road trip as well as a few useful apps. The iPad also made this roundup, which says a lot about how quickly and indispensable the device has become, at least in my family.

We now have two iPads in the house which seems ridiculous at first, but we really have no plans to buy any new laptops or desktop computers anytime soon and we find that our computers are being used less and less as we rely on our phones and the tablets more and more.

One Response to “Travel gadgets and iPad apps”

  1. Jackie Danicki April 10, 2012 at 10:16 am #

    FYI, those little iPhone battery packs you recommended in 2011 are awesome. They’re less than $4, and I regretted not buying more – so I just placed a huge order and have been handing them out to friends. Such lifesavers! Thank you.

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