7 Dec

"It's an MP3. I wrapped it myself. Sex?"

My editor and I got to talking in one of our meetings about the shift we’re all going through from physical media (CDs, books, DVDs) to digital and what that means. I don’t remember how the conversation got started but we were also talking about the holidays and the idea came up that there’s really no solid etiquette for gifting these digital items that are becoming so common in our lives.

That was the origin of this week’s Digital Savant column, where we ask the question, “How exactly do you wrap up an MP3 album or an ebook?” Luckily, I know some people to ask.

Also this week, I helped report on Gowalla’s deal with Facebook that’ll end Gowalla and start a few staffers from that company on the road to helping Facebook with its Timeline feature. This one caught us off guard Friday night and we chased it until it was official.

I also had a story run in the paper about Snoball, an Austin-based company helping people automate donations to nonprofits.

Late last week, I also appeared on the radio, talking about tech gifts on the WPR show “At Issues with Ben Merens.” You can listen to it here.

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