A remote chance

21 Jun

Jeff Roane of MiCommand, Inc. Photo by Zach Ornitz, Austin American-Statesman

I must have some kind of obsession with the idea of smartphones and tablets taking over the functions of remote controls, probably because of the mishmash of A/V equipment in our living room that all has to work together. I find myself writing about it again and again.

I’ve given up trying to get our trusty Harmony Remote to make everything work perfectly. There’s still times when the receiver, TV and satellite box all turn on just fine, but there’s still a blank screen that requires pressing “TV On/OFF” on the remote to get the HDMI connection to wake up. Don’t even ask. I’ve spent way too much time stressing about it.

Anyway, my search for the perfect remote (that doesn’t cost $500) continues as I write about MiCommand’s “Control it All Remote” app and hardware for iOS, released this week by an Austin company. It’s a Tech Monday column that ran in yesterday’s newspaper.

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