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4 Jul

'The Iron Man'

Last week, I asked my folks at NPR if I could do a blog post about how methods of holding your new iPhone 4 might sound really dirty. They asked, “How dirty?” It was a fair point. My list included things like, “FaceTime Fingering.”

Glark helped brainstorm some ideas with me and by the time we were done, the piece shifted into a photo gallery with photos by Glark and text by me. I think the result, “12 New Ways To Hold Your iPhone 4” turned out pretty great. It’s far less dirty than what I originally imagined, but given that this story was mostly told in photos, that’s probably a good thing.

Even more fun is imagining Glark in his home studio setting up lights and gathering props to do these. Or imagining his face, with an iPhone in his mouth, on the front page of He’s got full-sized images on his site. Wow! Check them all out.

Jared and Juanita Esquivel. Photo by Jerrad Henderson, American-Statesman

The other important thing from this week was a story that ran on the front page of today’s Austin American-Statesman. It took me a few months to write and, as with any long project, I went through all the states of hating the story, wishing I’d never even started it, and then, as it started coming together in the end, passionately defending it and wanting to make everything about it perfect.

That’s never possible, but this one, from my point of view, comes close. All the graphic and photo elements came together, almost all the pieces made it onto the online version and there were no last-minute crazy changes that needed to be made. It was as smooth an experience as I’ve ever had with a story like this. I’m pretty thrilled to have it finished.

I wrote a blog entry setting up the story and another one with lots of background and notes I couldn’t fit in the actual story (“deleted scenes”) if it’s a subject that interests you. I had no idea I was so passionate on the subject until I was pretty much done writing it all.

Bonus: the comments on the story are actually unintentionally hilarious, or racialtastic. Here’s one:

Yeah but you know how the economically disadvantaged, among other “classes” score on the TAKS. Maybe homie just don’t got the brain power to see that $70 for access for the whole family is cheaper than a net-capable phone in every hand. Plus I got idea that texting my posse is quite a bit more important than looking up some BS about getting a job or school. That’s uncool. The men in pookie’s gang just wouldn’t approve of it. Here the bottom line isn’t necessarily the bottom line.

Dude. Classic! The same guy made a “pork-n-beans” reference in another post. To be honest, I was expecting far, far worse in terms of comments.

2 Responses to “Something silly, something serious”

  1. Tracy July 10, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    Hi Omar! I had some time tonight so I read the Statesman story and your two blog entries and thought they were very interesting and something Id never thought about before. Ive always thought of cell phone access to the internet as a supplement to using a computer and would have never thought of the situation being reversed for many.

    Its a lot of food for thought. I think Im a bit hung up thinking about the limitations of my iPhone when it comes to the things I do online and if I could step out of that box, there are probably so many possibilities using phone technology that could benefit everyone.

    And it did remind me that I will need to look into what sort of parental controls are available for cell phones as my children are approaching the age where theyll have them. Its amazing how adept even the 2 year old is with my iPhone.

    How to hold an iPhone is too funny.

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