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Dearly departed...



Omaphone2, age 2, lifelong resident of Omar G.'s workbag, died Sunday, October 6, in Seattle. He was born at a Qualcomm factory. Though no official records are known to exist, it is guessed that he was born in either Taiwan, Korea or Hong Kong.

He was purchased at a Circuit City in Austin, Texas, and was bundled with a $20 rebate, a car charger, AC adapter and $50 gift card as part of a special promotion.

Omaphone2 worked loyally for almost his entire life, taking up the work of the retired Omaphone, who succumbed to old age in late 2000. Omaphone2 is survived by his owner, Omar G., as well as family and friends who had left messages and spoken through him for more than two years. Although the phone numbers in Omaphone2's memory will be gone, the memories of his use will not be forgotten.

Omaphone2 served during many pivotal events in his job history. The first conversation with a literary agent, the news of a great grandfather passing away, many humorous phone calls, pranks and funny messages were just a few highlights of Omaphone2's life.

"Omaphone2 contributed immeasurably to my life, to my family and friends' lives and to the community in general. There is much that could be said about Omaphone2, but sadly, none of it will be said through his three-hole mouthpiece," said Omar Gallaga.

Omaphone2 boasted nearly 90 phone numbers, and could recall them all with the push of a button. He was not equipped for downloadable ringtones, but he made up for it with reliable service, a long battery life and the ability to access AOL Instant Messenger, a true help in long bus ride and waiting room situations.

The family would like to acknowledge the work of Sprint PCS, as well as an off-the-shelf antenna booster, for prolonging the life of Omaphone2, who had been suffering ill health and bad reception for several months. Omaphone2 had had trouble even receiving or making calls from inside Omar G.'s home. A tumble in an amusement park ride is believed to have delivered the final blows to Omaphone2's health, in addition to a tumor that developed on Omaphone2's screen after numerous attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

Omaphone2 was a member of a calling plan that allowed for 2000 night and weekend minutes and 500 peak minutes. Omaphone2 had been planning on switching to a better calling plan, one with long-distance minutes and more off-peak time, but had kept putting it off. The family only wishes that Omaphone2 had lived to see this dream carried out.

No replacement has been named for Omaphone2 yet, but a loaner phone is being tried as Omaphone3 on a trial basis.

"There will be an Omaphone3, but whoever steps up and takes that task on, they will be no replacement for the times shared with Omaphone2. Omaphone2 will live on in all our hearts," Gallaga said.

Omaphone2 will be buried in a grave of broken electronics, the First Cardboard Box of Discarded Goods, Omar's Home Office Closet, Omar's Home, Austin, Texas, at 9 p.m. Tuesday. The family will attend to a private service, but those wishing to pay their respects may call Omaphone2's number and leave a message, which is still retrievable by Omar G. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that numeric pages be left instead.


Big pimpin'

It's worth getting registered on the New York Times' Web site if you're not already just to read this. It's fantastic news, and that's all I'll say about that.

Speaking of which, a new Smallville recap should be up sometime today.


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