1-2-3 in newsprint

17 May

With all the time off I took in the last month, it was starting to feel I was barely employed and that my name was disappearing from the newspaper. Then, I had three short stories run on consecutive days, as sometimes happens.

Last Friday I did a piece about Starhawk, a game being developed for Sony by an Austin studio called LightBox Interactive. I had a chance to play the first level of the game and was surprised how good it was since it’s still nearly a year before the game will probably be released for the PlayStation 3. I posted a few screen grabs from the game on Digital Savant.

On Saturday, I had a Raising Austin column about an app developed by two Austin lawyers and moms that dispenses tips and advice for pregnant women. It’s called “Your BFF During Preganancy.”

Then on Sunday, a shortened version of a review I did of the excellent video game Portal 2 ran in the paper. You can read the full-length version in this Digital Savant post.

I have a few stories related to tablets coming up (including a dual review of the Motorola Xoom and the T-Mobile G-Slate) in the paper as well as a few other odds and ends.

It feels good to be busy again.

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