Trailers Without Pity: Knight and Day

22 Jun

Trailers w/o Pity presents...

(This was previously posted on the old Terribly Happy site. The movie is in theaters this week.)

We made a list recently of our next six Trailers Without Pity movies, a task we’d neglected until we had exhausted our last 12-week-old list. We gazed upon the list of summer bonanzas — action, comedy, super-hero drama (check, check, check) — among them, we had this odd-duck movie with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It’s due out in just a month and except for a few commercials, this movie has almost no buzz.

The press site: barren of even a smattering of images that might flesh out our idea of this movie.

Tell me if you can figure this trailer out. While I’m sure the production values will be high and the movie will be professional in its format output, I don’t know if I see a movie that humans want to consume in there. Maybe I’m off and this will made $100 million+ in its first week, but my gut, the one that also likes gourmet donuts, tells me this will not come to pass.

If there is buzz on this movie, it’s anti-buzz, the kind that comes from a flying attention-hungry vampire insect, one that is not striped in black and yellow, but in the very colors whose lack of pigment cause you to turn away, bored.

Knight and Day, folks:

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