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The apology ...


First off, I'm sorry.

Really, really sorry.

If I'd had any idea how big a deal this would have turned into, I would never have done it.

I was just really excited. I was in the moment. I got whipped up into a frenzy by all the people paying attention to me and I guess I got a little carried away.

So, to anyone I've offended or hurt or appalled by my behavior, I have to just offer an apology and say I really didn't think I was hurting anyone with my actions. In fact, I was doting on someone I care a lot about and that it was obvious I wasn't trying to put anyone's life in danger.

I would never ever do anything to harm her. I guess I was just surprised by how quickly the story traveled and how shocked people got. I'm sure you've seen the photos:


Fluffy was never in danger. I had my arm around her the whole time and there was no chance I was going to drop her. But yeah, I guess it was a stupid thing to do. I just figured, you know, what's the worst that could happen? She has nine lives.

I'll never, ever do it again. If the paparazzi get me all exited to show off my cat, I'll just invite them inside. And no more balcony hotel rooms for me. From now on, I'm staying on the ground floor.

I will NOT, however, apologize for the midget wrestler. On that one, you all will have to just fuck off and leave me alone.




Big pimpin'

Finally! The big online console gaming story that I was stressed out about for the last few weeks is finally in print. It's the cover story in our XL Entertainment section today. If you live in Austin, please try to pick a copy up because the designer did a fantastic job. The cover is gorgeous and the artwork/design inside looks great. The online version really doesn't do the package justice.

Also did a short gadget review that kind of ties in with it.

And, lastly, thank you for this:

I really appreciate it.

If you have an online journal, go vote in the site and entry awards. And go check out the other nominated entries and sites. There's a really good batch this quarter.


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