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The list (2002 edition)...

2002: Things to Hate

Bad pasta

False mass patriotism


Olympics judges and committees

Weeds and bugs and wasps

Non-Whataburger fast-food burgers (Unless they're giving out Simpsons watches)

Tensions at work

Excrutiatingly unfunny morning radio shows

R. Kelly

Enron execs and other greedy bastards

Anything with Rob Schneider in it

Excessive Hyperbole

Potential terrorist attack alerts

Shakira singing in English

David E. Kelley

Salad dressings that taste like ass

People who wanted there to be someone killed every week on "The Sopranos" and were disappointed when the body count wasn't to their liking

Power trippers

People in power who used our fears against us

Jimmy Fallon on SNL

Feeling like you let yourself down


2002: Things to Love

Primetime Price is Right

Latin music

Tommy Grand

Really good sesame noodles

Coldplay's "A Rush of Blood to the Head" album

A damn fine CD.

When Whitney Houston said she wasn't cheap enough to smoke crack. That fucking ruled.

The game of "Fuck, Marry, Kill"

Office supplies

Shakira when she's merely dancing


An extra hour of sleep during Daylight's Savings

Children that are not completely annoying and screechy

Long drives alone to clear your head

Homestar Runner

Painting nearly every room in your house

People who moved on

Family, friends, yourself

The rare moments when things work out exactly as you pictured them


Got your own loves/hates for 2002? E-mail them to me and I'll post them on a future entry.


Big pimpin'

Forgot to mention last week that I had a short game review run in the paper, last week. No biggie, but here it is.

...And that's about it. Happy New Year, people!


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