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Two great tastes...


Man! This week had been so busy. First I painted my living room, and then I made musical history.

The painting part was the harder of the two, actually. I bought a cool dual-roller spongy paint thing at Target on Saturday and got inspired to run to Home Depot, buy some paints and Fresco the shit out of my living room.

Here's what it looks like:

Pretty sweet, huh? Two paints (a yellow and a darker yellow) were combined to create the effect. Problem is my landlady (who is now wavering on the Dish Network thing after having given me permission and after I already paid to have it installed) is coming over Friday night to show the duplex to a potential buyer. And I didn't exactly get permission to paint. Ah well. It looks better than the ugly off-white I've been living with. She should thank me.

I painted Sunday when it was very hot (about 100 degrees), with all the doors open, which still wasn't enough to disperse the lingering paint fumes. By that night, I was bumping my head on things and forgetting what that box that shows television shows is called. (Correct answer: The TV.)

"I talk LOUD!"

I was so loopy, that I almost missed out on music history! I had been thinking all week about Fred Schneider, one of the guys (and I use the term "guys" loosely here) from The B-52s. I've written about them before, and Fred's always fascinated me. He doesn't really sing, does he? He kind of talks, but loudly enough so that it can be almost considered singing in the way that yodeling is considered the height of artistic expression in some countries.

But he's made an artform out of his holler/singing, and I admire the crap out of that. But you have to wonder what his audition for the band must have been like.

CINDY: So you're um, (looking at clipboard) Fred, right?


CINDY'S BROTHER (THE ONE THAT DIED): What do you do, Fred?

FRED: I talk really LOUD!

KATE: What? I can't hear you.


KATE: Talk a little louder, sugar?


CINDY: (pointing to the ceiling). Oh shit. The tin roof. It's busted again.

Anyways, we haven't heard much from Fred lately, or his band for that matter, so then I had the most amazing idea.

The most amazing idea ==>


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